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How to make DIY slot machines

Did you know you can make your own slots to have some fun with family and friends? All you need is some cardboard, wooden sticks, slot machine stickers, coins, paper, bearings, and a plastic tube!

You can print and cut out the slot machine stickers, and stick them onto three separate cardboard or toilet paper rolls. Then, you fix the rolls onto a stick, and connect the tube onto a grid built out of wooden sticks. You then connect this grid to a lever, which you can also make out of cardboard. On the internet, you’ll find detailed instructions on how to build the grid and a small contraption to ensure that the slot machine will only work if a coin is inserted. The rest is simple: you just get a cardboard box, cut small windows into it so that the symbols will be visible from behind, and insert the mechanism inside the box. At the end, you can decorate the exterior as you wish and with some effort, you’ll have your own little slot machine up and running!

Sounds complicated?

Making your own slots does involve quite a lot of work and dedication, which is why many people prefer to play ready-made, online slot machines instead! You can check out online slot reviews to find out which are the best slots to play so that you’ll only spin on the best games!

9 Jan 2019