Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Write a little, do a lot

Hello, dear faithful readers!  I consider myself lucky that I've lost only 1 of you during my recent inattention to this blog.  It's not that I'm not doing a lot - I am, promise.  It's just that I don't have time to write all about it, all the time!  And it's not that I don't love writing about it - I do, double-promise and pinky swear.  The thing is, I can't get on my computer and only write this blog.  I have to catch up with my friends Kelly and Cherie, and of course I check in on two of my favorite ladies, Lauren and Jenny.  Which leads me to Follow Me on Pinterest and all the great stuff that's been added to that lately.  And, well, you can see how writing one little ol' blog post turns into hours of reading on the internet.  See, I LOVE reading.  It's like an addiction, and even though it's not as bad for you as heroin, anything that you can't stop doing has the ability to mess with your real life!  
So, that's my extremely convoluted excuse for my lack of consistency the past few months...if I could invent a 48 hour day, I'd be golden.  There'd by time for family, keeping my house clean, work (blech), making beautiful stuff, the yard, trying to sell same stuff, and then, in the remaining 4-6 hours, I could still take my sweet time "researching" for my latest post!  But, even with only 24 hours, I've got a great week lined up! 
1. HUGE Recycling project - courtesy of my husband
2. Long sleeves now short
3. Strip quilting . . . shoulda read the instructions

And in between that stuff, I'm going to reveal my new and completely reorganized house!!  That's right - my WHOLE house is completely organized.  My sister is an organizing guru, like OCD, only in a good way, and I asked her to help me get my bathrooms organized.  She promptly volunteered to do my whole house, "if I was up for it."  Oh yeah - I knew it would mean some difficult purging, some embarrassing moments when I realized I'd accumulated 8 vacuum bags and literally hundreds of hair elastics (two things I always think I'm just about to run out of while at the store), and of course, a lot of change, but it has been the most amazing process.  In one week, I went from being almost buried in clutter (see craft room "before" picture) to having an organized, clean, and easy-to-maintain home - top to BOTTOM!  Even my children sense the vibe and keep things (relatively) picked up, or at least need much less prompting to do so.  See the lovely play room...
...we have an art wall now, too, so I'll share the update very soon!  

Thanks for sticking with me!


  1. Ive misssssed you! Im glad your back.. cant wait to see your fully organized house. Send your lovely sister my way please :)

  2. I want Annie at my house!! Could she maybe extend her vacation this summer and perform her magic here?? Can't wait to see the rest. (:

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  4. Guess Jen was on my computer! So glad to read you again...I missed seeing you...and it looks like we have 2 jobs for Annie in northern MN! Can't wait to see the whole house!

  5. Woo welcome back to blogland!! So great to see things are going well. I'll sit patiently (HA!) and wait to see those updates =D


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