Thursday, May 10, 2012

Recycled Outdoor Wood Storage

When we moved into our house, the yard was in need of just a touch of TLC.  Just a touch.  As in, we cut down over 100 trees and, as you can see from the pictures in this post, our yard is still quite sylvan (I got that word from - on my favorite research sites!).  Now, we just have over 100 tree trunks to cut, split, and stack for our fireplaces.  Fortunately, my design assistant is actually quite the lumberjack.  That girl will work out at the woodpile for hours.  Literally.
Another part of yard that wasn't exactly part of the dream house image was the dog kennel.  I'm not sure what kind of dogs the previous owners had - judging from the size of this thing, they were actually Shetland ponies.  In a an unbelievable feat of strength and endurance, my husband dismantled the entire thing by himself, including removing the 8 foot posts from the ground.  All in one afternoon.  OK, I guess he wasn't all by himself - my design assistant and Spatula Man were out filling in the holes from the posts.
Using his Dutch frugality and college education in engineering, that smart man turned the unsightly kennel into a place to store our ever-growing wood pile!  It will be elevated from the ground thanks to the poles, has a nice, even surface to stack on thanks to the chain link, and is so in style in this day and age of green, recycling/upcycling projects.  (Yes, that is my design assistant in her Easter dress - she loves it, and we might as well get our good out of it, right?).
Note: my sole contribution to this project as as the official photographer and blogger.  I prefer the cuter recycling projects!


  1. Looks like a fun thing to do for a day!
    Hahaha official photographer =P

    I'm thinking of hosting a swap. Let me know if you're interested

  2. Was the kennel attached to the garage?

  3. Haha! What a great idea! Hubby is so smart! And your assistant is so cute! Love her Easter dress :)


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