Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The who, what, and why of Linky Followers

I added a little something to my sidebar - perhaps you noticed (or perhaps not - I'm forever changing it!).  The great team over at Linky has developed a new tool for managing your blog list - Linky Follower - and just in case Google decides to take GFC away from everybody, I thought I'd put the Linky tool on, too!  Now, I wanted to give you an in-depth look at it - no wait, I didn't, because it was going to be a long post that didn't have very many fun pictures . . . but the lovely ladies over At the Picket Fence have done an amazing job showing all us newbies the how-to, what-for, and why-because of the new Linky Follower tools.  So, if you have questions, cruise on over and take a look at their delightful post.  Otherwise, sign up under GFC, Linky Follower, or maybe both, just to be safe :)  
And just so we don't have a text only post, here's a cool night pic I took with my phone a couple of nights ago, right before the full moon.

This is a Blog Hop (I hope I don't mess it up - it's my first one!)

Listen - I didn't write these, but please follow them :)

1. you MUST have the LINKY FOLLOWERS tool on your site to participate.

{You can have both the LINKY FOLLOWERS & GFC on your site but you must have the LINKY FOLLOWERS to participate in this party hop.}
2. You MUST follow the person who has the party on their site as a thank you.
3.Just add your blog button to the LINKY PARTY below.
4.Then grab the BLOG HOP code
You will find the code right under the Linky Party where it says CLICK HERE TO ENTER
just under that it says: WHAT IS A BLOG HOP? GET THE CODE HERE 
Click on GET THE CODE HERE and enter it into a post on your site.
You can grab the party button code in the FOOTER at Its So Very Cheri 
You can grab info from my post if it helps you with your post.

5. Then you follow other bloggers–(as many as you want)

–leave each one of the blogs that you follow a comment letting them know you are following them and ask them to follow you back.
If you want to add the BLOG HOP to your own site you will get lots of new followers(see rule #2)


  1. I just added it too. (Also the G+ widget, LOL.) I'm curious to see what the emerging follower tool will end up being - no one wants to be left out of the "new" thing, so now we all have a whole bunch of widgets until one thing ultimately proves better than the others!

  2. I am now following you on Linky followers. I would love it if you followed me back. I always enjoy meeting new bloggers.

  3. Happy to find your blog through the Linky Blog Hop! I'm a new Linky Follower! Hope you will come visit me at http://www.eccentricleopard.com/ if you have a free moment. Thanks!

  4. Happy to find your blog through the Linky Blog Hop! I'm a new Linky Follower! Hope you can swing by and visit me at www.dusty-mcrae.blogspot.com if you have a free moment. Blessings!

  5. Hi,
    I found your wonderful blog via Cheri's Linky Followers Party. I am your newest LINKY FOLLOWER & GFC Follower and I would love it if you'd follow me back and link up some fun posts to my party - the Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop.

  6. hi there. i've hopped over thanks to the blog hop. i'm a new linky followers of yours. would you please follow me as well. have a great weekend. take care. (:


  7. Just stopping by from the Linky Party Hop. I hope you will visit www.laughterandgrace.com and follow back.


  8. I found you on the blog hop, I'm your newest LF follower- would love it if you followed me too!

  9. Found you via the Linky hop and have become your newest Linky follower. Look forward to reading your future posts. Hope you have a chance to visit and perhaps follow me back.

  10. Hi,
    I am happy to be your newest lf follower. I am coming to you from the linky followers blog hop. If you'd like to follow back, I can be found at http://www.measuredbytheheart.com

  11. Found you through the new linky followers blog hop. I'm so happy to be your newest follower, it would be great if you follow me back. :)

    Tomorrow I'll be hosting a "What does your blog want to be when it grows up" blog hop with a few of my blog buddies ... have you thought of your blog's hopes and dreams? The party will be open for a week! I'd be so fun if you want to link up.

    My blog goals are here ... http://thespacebetweenblog.wordpress.com/2012/03/01/grow-up-your-blog/



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