Friday, February 10, 2012

Business Cards - Old-fashioned Fun

In this age of social media and networking via the internet, one must not overlook the importance of the business card.  Even though I have a "virtual" business, I make REAL things, and sometimes people just walking by like my REAL things, and handing them a computer and telling them to look up my website is just a tad cumbersome :)  I also use my business cards as tags for my "taggable" items, like bags and aprons, and I attach them to the back of my embellished canvases.  Just today, I put a stack of them on the counter at Mimi's Antiques & Uniques, and then watched, ecstatic, as the customer in line behind me picked one up!!  I walk through craft shows and pick up business cards from the booths I like - I'll be honest - if they don't have a card for me to pick up, I'll try to remember the name of the booth/owner/website, but the odds aren't good, my friend.  Sitting down to my computer at the end of the day, kids tucked in, feet propped up - my brain is basically pudding, and I need those 2"x3" bits of info to prompt me to visit those sites.  So order some today - Vistaprint offers a great deal - get 250 business cards FREE - that's right, FREE!  They offer tons of free designs - or get something more plain and spruce it up like Linda at Craftaholics Anonymous did with pretty fabric selvage (or paper scraps would look nice, too!).   There is also a great 30% off sale through 2/12/2012 on everything on the site!  

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