Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Crochet Away and Make a Mini Wreath

Knot a knitter?  Can't wait to crochet?  

Then, I have the tutorial right here!  I'll admit - those tiny bows are about all I have the patience for when it comes to knitting - I'm endlessly making mistakes and fixing them in a knit project is about 4 kajillion times more difficult than it is in crochet.  Let's get down to crochet business . . .
Your supplies are unchanged from that knitting tutorial found here :)
Tie yourself a slipknot and slip it onto the crochet hook.  We need to make a chain, so loop the yarn around the hook and pull through this loop.  Keep it pretty tight, but not so tight that you won't be able to push the hook through when it's time to turn and single chain stitch!  Chain 12 more stitches (for a total of 13).  
To begin the single chain stitch, insert hook into second loop from hook.  Wrap yarn around hook and pull through.  Continue until the end, then chain one stitch (the turning stitch) following the instructions for making the starting chain above.
To finish, just stop (I did 5 rows) and clip your thread, then pull the end through - see why I love crochet!  Thread your tapestry needle and sew two short ends together, then tie a single knot.  Wrap thread around center of bow and tie a square knot.  Look - so tiny and so cute ;)
This is a slightly larger version of the bow - I think I chained 18 (but I'll be honest . . . I wasn't counting).  This one I turned into a barrette a la my knit bow. 
 I did make a bunch of these tiny wreaths - it was so simple and they turned out just adorable - especially with a tiny bow on top!  Want to make your own?  OK - I'll show you how I did it.
I found these curtain rod rings while browsing Lowe's - I often find cool stuff like this in weird aisles/stores - i.e. not crafty places.  I bought two packs because I KNEW I would be making a lot of these mini wreaths - think of the possibilities!  Outfit your cubicle with the perfect teensy accessory, or hang one from your computer at home to keep you company while you blog!  My design assistant has already commandeered one for her Barbie house :)
It takes about 5 minutes to cover one of these bad boys in fabric or chunky yarn.  Glue the end so that it kind of crosses the ring at the top (if you're going to keep it, that is - I did because it's just so handy for hanging!).  Then, start wrapping, doing just little bits of glue here and there (more will gush out and get on your fingers - yes, this actually happened to me - see this pin for my thoughts on that!).
I added some sweet felt embellishments in the de rigueur colors of the season and look at this wee wreath - I {heart} anything mini!
 It was so quick and easy I had to make a bunch more . . . one with chunky red yarn and some sweet little muslin rosettes.

And of course, that beauty up top with my pink crocheted bow!  I'm sending these out as my grown-up Valentine's this year - I just LOVE how they turned out.  Until I can get back into making mini pots, I'll be whipping these out to match the current season :)
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  1. I love this idea! I would never have thought to use those rings for a wreath! I so have everything to do this! Thanks for the inspiration and I'm your newest follower!

  2. Those are so cute!! I love it! Thanks for sharing at Thursday's Temptation.

  3. Oh my goodness, those are the tiniest wreaths EVER! I love them!! Holy cute-ness!

  4. Adorable! Thank you for sharing your wonderful project at Potpourri Friday!

  5. Very cute idea with these tiny wreaths! I love the idea for accessorizing my cube at work!

  6. How cute! made some ornaments with curtain rings (and shower curtain ring) too! Except I backed mine with scrapbook paper making them into mini frames!

    Urs would be cute suspended with fishing line hanging from the winows!!! Will have to try a few! You could easily wrap the shower curtain rings with batting (I bought some "snow" for 25 CENTS for this sort of purpose last week!) and then fabric!!!

    Thanks for sharing this!



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