Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  While I enjoyed my time off for the holidays, I am so happy to be back at it, sharing my ideas and hearing from all of you.  And what better way to start the new year than with my list of resolutions.  

Welcome to NYRs v. 2012.

I like acronyms.  They are short, often funny, and can frequently be assigned entirely different meanings than the ones originally intended.  Therefore, I am going to call my new year's resolutions "NYRs" from here on out.  See, my brain is already thinking of the hundreds of other (often inappropriate) words that could be substituted - Not Your Rear-end, Next Year's Raisins, No Yodeling in the Rain.  Fun, right?  Maybe just for people like me...Anyway, back to my NYR's.  I've got millions of areas I'd like to change/improve in my life, but I'm going to keep it simple this year. 

1. Buy less
2. Create more
3. Waste less
4. Enjoy more

Do these NYRs sound a little vague?  I know, I know, each one could mean any one of a number of things - and that's what I intended.  I want to make myself a few versions of this short list to hang around the house (and maybe in my car) so I can stay inspired and on track, so I needed them to be short.  But, here are the details behind the pithy list ("pithy" is my new favorite word - be warned, I'll be using it a lot).

1. Buy less - my goal is to make do with less - fewer groceries, barely any craft supplies (I have enough already), less stuff in general.  I've got a couple of great cleaning products you make yourself, and of course, handmade gift ideas abound in my home. 

2. Create more - this doesn't just mean crafts - though I do want to set some goals for myself in that area.  More importantly, I want to increase some of those intangibles - so I'm going to try to make more time with my kids doing stuff that's just for them and devise some innovative moments of romance with my husband.  I'm still looking for inspiration in this area - so let me know if you have any great ideas!  Later this week, I will share some of my goals for creating stuff - because I sure do like doing that, too!

3. Waste less - again, this isn't just about being green.  We waste so much time waiting in lines, watching mindless TV, doing activities that aren't really necessary.  I am hoping to reframe some of those time-wasting moments in life that we can't get rid of (I have to wait in line to drop my daughter off at school) and reduce those we can (there can definitely be less TV-time at our house!).  Recycling and upcycling will be a part of this resolution, too - don't worry.  I've always got my eye out for new ways to use old things!

4. Enjoy more - this resolution comes straight from The Happiness Project (a truly life-changing book, I promise).  It is so easy to overlook the amazing joy in everyday miracles.  By keeping my kids' journal more up-to-date (I've currently gone 6 weeks without writing down a thing - for shame!), I know I'll see just how blessed I am to have this ordinary but spectacular life.  I made my aunt a journal for Christmas (all those gifts I couldn't post for fear my blog-followers in the family would find out will be featured later this week, too!), and maybe I'll snazz up a little notebook up for myself - sometimes all the inspiration you need is a pretty page to fill up.

Do you have a few resolutions up your sleeve?  Please share - I can always use more ways to make my life better!  If you like the way I spruced my list up, let me know, and I'll send you a .jpg file of your very own to keep the inspiration, motivation, and salivation perspiration actualization going all year long.

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  1. LOVE these resolutions!! I'm all for simple and these are wonderful reminders- Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very good ideas for the New Year-thinking about doing all of those! Thanks for stopping by with kind words on my blog ;)

  3. Thank you so much for joining my linky party! This post rocks!


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