Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Words of Beauty

From this... this...

 ...and now I have these!
I love these - and many thanks to the original inspiration behind them, Brandy at Baby Blackbird.  I put this on the list hoping I would dig out the canvas I know I have somewhere, but instead, we used the inside of a cereal box - and it looks AMAZING, right?  I am going to coat them in clear laquer tomorrow and put them in frames, and then they'll be wall ready...  

Here's a quick list of how we got from this to this to these :)
1. Cut a cereal box so that you have a square/rectangular piece (or not - I'm thinking of making some pumpkins...).
2. Using stickers (or contact paper you've cut, yourself or with a Cricut), write a word or a message.
3. Paint them - I let the oldest paint her own using a limited pallette so it wouldn't end up a grayish brown color, and I helped the youngest get full coverage with the blues
4. Let dry, then peel off letters - paint should be dry but I don't think you should let it cure, or the paint might flake as you remove the stickers.  I used a piece of scrap cardstock and held it against the edges as I peeled up the letters, just in case the paint wanted to come up, too (except on the "s" because it is curvy). 
5. Enjoy!

Ok - I'm officially half-way through the list - onward!

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