Monday, October 17, 2011

Gross Play Dough (way more fun that it sounds like it would be)

So, we embarked on our to-do list of projects as posted here, and I am so amazed at how well the first one went - this is going to be a really fun week.   Even my kids agreed - the oldest said, "This was a super fun project, Mommy.  I just love gross play dough."  (This is what we called the Flubber we made using a recipe I found here.)  Gross play dough indeed - it is hard to believe that we started with two completely liquid mixtures, added them together . . . and initially got this . . .

. . . which quickly took over the entire bowl . . .

. . . and finally ended up as this rubbery, squishy, moldable but oozing pile of awesome!  They loved it - the little one doesn't speak much English, but he played with it for nearly an hour. 

 So, here are my tips for the recipe:

I found that the original recipe would have made a HUGE amount of one color.  So, I took the original recipe and divided it by 3, to make 3 different colors.  These three colors fit into one 32 oz yogurt tub for storage :)  I also accidentally bought Elmer's Glue-All for one of my bottles of glue (you'll need about 2 and 1/3 big bottles), instead of regular Elmer's.  The batch made with straight Glue-All was way more watery, but I could still pick up the blob and knead it, there was just lots of water left in the bowl.  I used glass bowls and plastic forks because I wasn't sure what the magic behind this little project would do to my "real" dishware and cutlery.  The kids thought this was so fun, I'm sure we'll be making more and more!  I've got to find a way to buy Elmer's by the gallon!  The yogurt container keeps it nice and, I mean fresh.  Bonus - when you flip it over and squish it out, it flattens into that nice circle I used as a backdrop for the recipe!

**UPDATE** As of 12/29/11, our gross play dough is just as fresh as ever - thought it has now melded into one solid grayish-purple color.  This has in no way decreased the level of enjoyment my children derive from it.  

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