Monday, October 24, 2011

The Best Birthday Yet

My birthday is over, and I received so many wonderful gifts from my family.  My favorite memory from this year will be the birthday wishes I received 3 mornings in a row from my toddlers (I've mentioned before how this age group really runs with it when given a theme!). It's a great way to start the day, though, and I'm missing it now that they've moved on to the next great idea.  The wonderful weekend of celebrating was truly topped off by sunny, dry weather with temperatures in the 70s, and it has spilled over into the beginning of the week.  We spent the whole day outside today, and the colors were all so amazing, I had to snap some pictures...

This is the mug my almost-sister-in-law got me  from Anthroplogie (she's marrying my brother next October).  Doesn't it just look perfect with the fall pallete?  I love it - and I might end up using it more often for a vase than I do for beverages!   The poor mums came from a plant to which I was trying to give a more permanent home in my yard - it broke off at the base as I went to put it in the ground.  I planted it anyway, hoping it will come up next spring.  It's not looking good - however, it does have a better chance than the sprig of flowers my daughter "planted" in the flower bed - she really loves to help!
Here are some other pictures I took - of the above mentioned affianced.  I'm no professional, and really, the weather and backdrop did as much to set the mood as I did!  But, I think they turned out pretty well - for a novice!

Like the ampersand?  I got it from Say Hello on Etsy - along with so many other wonderful items!  I love the word "ampersand", and I do like to look at ampersands, but unfortunately, that's one of the first pictures I pinned on Pinterest, and somehow, the magical wizard who chooses a few initial pinners for new people to follow picked people with ampersand boards . . . very full boards.   So, I had lots of ampersands at first, but I'm starting to branch out!  
Tomorrow, it's back to the list - 10 items was perhaps a bit much to attempt in 1 week.  I'll try to finish it in 2 - if it really does start raining on Wednesday as predicted, the chances of completion will be greatly increased!  Next time, I'll do 5, or maybe 3, and then I might actually have a remote possibility of finishing in 1 week ... I did make some fabric flowers tonight using this tutorial (I know, I realize they aren't on the list, but I have really been wanting to make them!!).  I am hoping to post pictures of my final project tomorrow, but I have some Halloween crafting to do, too!

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